Web3 Bets
2 min readMar 29, 2022


To our Web3 Bets Community,

During the past week, we started building and promoting our community, which is the last thing in our roadmap for the first quarter of 2022. Web3 Bets first community giveaway, which is our first airdrop campaign also went live. We used the campaign as a means of creating awareness and growth of the community. The week was also marked with lots of activities from the team members.

Below, we would like to make known to the community, highlights of major activities done in the past week, for the growth and improvement of the community and product respectively:

Commencement of Airdrop Campaign.

On Monday, 21st, Web3Bets Ecosystem’s airdrop went live.

The airdrop campaign is meant to run till 1st of May, 2022.

Massive Publicity of our Project through airdrop campaign.

Our airdrop and website links were posted and reposted massively on social media platforms, to create huge awareness for Web3 Bets Ecosystem.

Negotiations with Crypto Influencers, Promoters, and Shillers.

Online meetings were held and negotiations carried out with persons who will be pivotal to seeing the growth of our community and mass awareness of our product.

Tasks were given to these shillers and promoters to carry out.

Hosted a Quick AMA Session on Twitter space

In order to introduce Web3 Bets Ecosystem, and answer questions that may be on the minds of our community members, because of the novelty of our product, a quick introductory and AMA session was held on Twitter space.


Growth of our social media platforms, with Telegram topping the list with well over eight thousand members, this week.


We assure our community of being ever poised to continually improve on our effort to making tangible progress towards greater achievements in the coming week and beyond.