Web3 Bets
2 min readApr 6, 2022


To our Web3 Bets Community,

We would like to highlight the activities carried out in the past week, for the growth of our community and development of our products as well.

The activities done are as follows:

AMA session held on Telegram

An AMA session was held to intimate the community on what Web3 Bets Ecosystem is all about. Questions on the project, token and upcoming events were answered in details.

Development of Seed Sales Page

Our dev team created the web page and payment integrations for BXB seed sales round. Our seed sales round is now live and it is open to our community members, visit our seed sales page to participate

ICOholder Listing

We submitted application for listing on ICOholder, the application was reviewed by ICOholder managers and our project was listed on ICOholder

Community Growth

In the past week, we have experienced more growth of our community on all social media platforms, with Telegram, yet again, topping the list with over 14k members.

Airdrop Campaign

We continued our “1st Community Giveaway” airdrop campaign. Winners will be announced after the end of the airdrop and the airdrop rewards will be distributed after token listing.


We continually assure our community members of our ever fervent passion to making Web3 Bets, ‘the next big thing’ and to bring about solutions to the notable problems experienced with traditional betting.